Lucky Feng Shui Gems, Crystals and Minerals for Snake Year 2013-14

Diamond, Gem and Mineral are incredibly famous as their cleaned, splendid, complex structures uplift positive and decrease negative energies any place found. Habitually utilized as Feng Shui cures and 'Fixes' they have serious best of luck and abundance fascination potential during Snake Year 2013-14 considering it has abundance connected Water as Year Component.

The actual Snake is a continuous Chinese karma and favorable luck symbol(forget western Scriptural practices of 'underhanded snakes'). The Feng Shui guideline of 'similarity' helps those anxious to work on their possibilities during this period in astounding ways.

Mineral Cash Magnets

Feng Shui abundance enhancers otherwise known as 'cash magnets' from the Jewel, Gem and Mineral realm clearly incorporate Precious stones. Generally reviewed in 'Waters' these represent the Long term Component's abundance affiliations.

Feng Shui's 'likeness' guideline implies Iron Pyrites Hafnium WireCitrine (otherwise known as the Vendor Stone' as it carries abundance to businesses)also help here as their appearance is like Gold. Quartz also brings a lot to the table as it amplifies and intensifies energies of materials showed close by it for these reasons.

The 'genuine article' would be great yet excessively costly for most to try and consider. 'Similarity' but implies glass and plastic impersonation Jewels (even photographs and craftsmanship) capability similarly well. Found exclusively in Herkimer USA (however accessible from Precious stone Shops and providers all over the place) Herkimer Jewels, economical Quartz gems with an especially lovely appearance, capability as both energy enhancers and abundance attractors. Indeed, even plastic duplicates of Quartz gems upgrade the energies and impacts of different precious stones and articles they are set close to!

The South East 'Abundance' (or Wood) area of areas is where Gem 'abundance attractors' ought to be sent during this period as Water 'upholds' Wood in 5 Components Feng Shui. To additionally urge your flourishing to develop add Topaz, Aventurine and Agate to your presentations.

'Mock' Mineral Currency Producers: 'Likeness'

As genuine Jewels aren't required and glass or plastic duplicates function admirably (correspondingly precious stone pictures or photographs) these are luckily less expensive and more straightforward to find. On account of the 'similarity' guideline an old store advancement provided me for certain extra-enormous plastic precious stones.

Gold and Silver ingots were once utilized as Chinese Cash. Accordingly, stage props like phony gold-bullion bars and even 'Stage-cash' are additionally astounding for weath-improvement purposes, comparably old Chinese coins (copper as opposed to plastic duplicates).

Objects for Abundance Improvement Purposes

Metal and Gem Mythical beasts (Chinese not Western) and Precious stone Fortune Boats have clear Water/Abundance associations, moreover abundance developing Gem Trees (particularly Agate ones). The 3-Legged Frog or 'Chan Chu', especially while imagined sitting on heaps of coins, is generally a well known water-connected abundance attractor.

Love and Sentiment Karma

Place clear and Rose Quartz tests together in rooms and homes' S.W 'Relationship' area to work on your fortune around here (as we probably are aware, Quartz enhances energies of contiguous gems). Cleaned cabouchons, strong bits of network or 'focuses' are similarly valuable for this. Help your undertakings further by adding Rhodonite, Pink Morganite and Rodochrosite to your presentations.

Business and Vocation Karma

Kept close to work or PC Citrine, the 'trader stone' through the 'similarity' rule (on account of its brilliant variety) can improve your possibilities and produce 'feel great' flows, particularly when set in areas' North Business Area. Pyrites set close to mobiles and PCs will ingest negative energies to help you further.

For General Defensive Purposes

Especially whenever set around the foot of the bed, Blue Calcite, Haematite (the cleaned dark assortment specifically) and Dark Tourmaline will offer positive defensive help during Snake Year 2013-14.


Mirrors and Quartz both will be both Yin Metal which supports Water and its Abundance Relationship in 5 Components Feng Shui. Shows reflected by the previous and upheld by the last option might demonstrate especially compelling behind the scenes during Yin Water Snake Year 2013-14.

To urge abundance and success to stream into your life, show counterfeit jewels on work areas during Yin Water Snake Year (2013-14). Add a few phony Gold ingots, bars, Pyrites, a Pony Shoe Magnet and 3-4 Chinese Coins (Yang-side up) connected by a red string. A few Quartz and a 'Chan Chu'/Three-Legged Frog would likewise be great!

Feng Shui Expert Peter Allsop M.Ed.publishes 'Red Mythical beast Combative techniques Ezine' free on the web. Peter's inclinations incorporate Life span Preparing, Iron Shirt, 5 Components Qigong, Daoism, Chinese power and Soothsaying, close by pearl and precious stone Feng Shui.

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